Insulation Removal in Toronto

Insulation Removal Is Best Left to the Professionals

There are a number of reasons why your home might need the services of an insulation removal expert. Often over the course of time the insulation in your attic or wall spaces can become infested with insects and rodents or subject to mold and mildew. Animal urine and droppings can lead to unpleasant odors that permeate your home. At the same time mold and mildew can have an adverse effect on your family’s health.
Most homeowners in Toronto become interested in  removing the old because it gets damaged by pests or humidity as mentioned above. Any of these problems can and often do lead to serious health risks, especially among the very young and the elderly. In other cases the old insulation is removed prior to the installation of new materials that offer better energy savings. However, if your home is insulated using fiberglass batting or loose fill, this is a job best left to a professional.

Why Use a Professional Service?

Spray Foam Kings removing insulation from a house
The best way to remove the old insulation from your attic is to have a professional do the work for you. We use commercial insulation removal equipment designed to remove all traces of the old insulation from your attic or walls. Using this equipment and our expertise, we are able to remove the old , any mold spores, feces, debris, and dust from your attic, crawl space, or walls as well as garages.
At no time will any of this detritus be allowed to drift into the living space of your home. Our technicians have created a very safe and effective removal process that ensures your home will remain dust free at all times. The method we use is one of the safest in the industry and is the most effective way to get rid of that old insulation.
Keep in mind that dragging it through your home to dispose of it is not considered to be a safe way to remove it. This will leave your home filled with fiberglass particles in the air, throughout your climate control ducts, and in your carpeting where they will only add to the health risks for your family.

Why Not Just Go Over the Top of the Old Insulation

If you were to simply add more insulation to the damaged and infested old stuff in your attic, you are doing little more than creating a virtual layer cake of bacteria that will continue to grow over the course of time. In time this will reduce the overall energy efficiency of the insulation, no matter how much you add. It can also create a moisture barrier that can cause damage to the sheet rock of your ceiling and walls.

Commercial insulation removal in toronto ontario
Modern spray foam is far superior to the insulation that was available as little as 10 to 15 years ago. Once you have your old insulation removed and replaced with the appropriate amount of today’s, you will immediately see the difference in how warm/cool your home is and in how much lower your utility bill becomes. Replacing that old  today can protect your family’s health and make your home a much happier and more affordable place to live.


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