Garage Insulation in Toronto

Save Money and Add Space with the Right  Insulated Garage

If your home has an attached garage that is not properly insulated, you are missing out on what can be a highly useful and often very large part of your home. By adding the appropriate form of garage spray foam to this space you can create an area of your home that can be used by you and your family for any number of projects year round.

Consider Your Utility Bills

Many people do not realize that leaving their garage without any form of insulation can have a major impact on their utility bills. During the summer months the space inside can become extremely hot and quite the opposite in the winter. Despite the fact you may have an insulated wall between your garage and the rest of your home, you are losing both air conditioning and heat through your  home or commercial unit. This loss is certainly having a direct effect on your utility bills.

Along with a significant decrease in your utility bills, taking the time to have your garage insulated will give you a large extra space that both you and your family will be able to use for any number of projects. You can create a work space for home repair projects, crafts, and even a play area for the kids when the weather outside is inclement.

Residential Garages Spray Faom Insulation Toronto

What Type of Insulation Should You Chose?

Just as you may have already found for the rest of your home, there are several different forms  from which to choose. As you look at the different forms of , part of the decision as to which one will be the best choice depends on whether or not the inside walls are finished. For those who have finished walls the most common choices are blown-in loose fill and spray foam.

Blown-in loose fill insulation has been in use for a long time, but it does have its drawbacks. When it is first blown into your walls, the material fills the gaps fully. However, over time this fill will collapse and sink down into the space. This will leave you with a large un-insulated area at the top of your walls, the perfect place for heat to escape, negating the reason for insulating your garage in the first place. Along with this, blown in loose fill is the perfect place for rodents and insects to nest, not exactly what you want hiding in your walls.

Spray Foam Kings insulating a home garage in Toronto

A much better choice is to have the walls  filled with the latest in spray foam insulation. This material fills the cracks, nooks, and crannies more effectively than any other form. Once it dries, the polymer does not shrink or collapse. You will never have to worry about an “insulation gap” at the top of your walls. Spray foam also offers a significantly higher insulation or “R” factor than loose fill or standard bulk . As a final thought, spray foam  has been designed to resist insects, rodents, mold, and mildew, making it the ultimate choice for your garage and in fact the rest of your home.


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