Crawl Space Insulation Service in Toronto GTA

Getting your crawlspace insulated can make a massive difference in the comfort of your entire home. Due to circulating air in the upper area of your home enters from the crawlspace, it’s vital to make sure that it isn’t allowing in too much. By insulating your crawlspace, you are minimizing moisture because of spray foams uncanny ability to work as a vapour barrier as well. This not only saves damages that can occur to your crawlspace because of moisture issues, but your entire home as well. The good news is that Spray Foam Kings can get the job done very quick and efficiently.

The reasons to insulate your crawlspace are many and here are a look at some of those:

  • PEST CONTROL: With you crawlspace sealed up with spray foam, it will deter things such as unwanted wildlife including insects, skunks, rabbits etc.
  • MINIMIZE POLLUTANTS: Keep harmful airborne pollutants such as allergens and dust out of your home by insulating your crawlspace.
  • REGULATE TEMP: Like any other reason to insulate any part of your home, by insulating your crawlspace with spray foam insulation, you’ll benefit energy savings both in the winter and the summer months.
  • CONTROL THE MOISTURE: Crawlspace moisture issues can be hazardous down the road, and so it’s a good idea to use spray foam insulation to not only manage the temperature of your home, but also the vapour barrier qualities of the material will avoid any moisture issues in your crawlspace.
  • RADON CONTROL: Radon will enter your through the crawlspace, it’s odourless, colourless and can be extremely hazardous to health. By installing spray foam insulation you can protect you and your loved ones from this harmful carcinogenic gas.

Call Spray Foam Kings and remove any of these risks by installing spray foam insulation properly. Check out our other insulation services and the areas we serve today or simply call us at (647) 846-7592

Reliable crawl space insulation in Toronto

Solutions for Toronto- GTA Spray Foam Insulation for Crawlspaces

Generally, people picture that fluffy pink stuff that we all knew growing up when they think of insulation, though still very common in homes, it is definitely not the best at efficiency. As it wears over time, fiberglass insulation can capture water inside of it which would render it extremely poor as an insulation, because the R-Value diminishes when it’s wet. This moisture also leaves it susceptible to mold. These two problems are extremely problematic in a crawlspace, as water related issues are extremely frequent situations. Spray foam insulation has its own vapour barrier qualities within the material, as well as air sealing and insulating of course, and for this reason it has become extremely popular over the years. It will hands down do a superior job at blocking out any moisture issues while insulating your home for decades down the road.

At Spray Foam Kings, we can go one of two ways to spray your crawlspace with. Firstly, closed cell spray foam is what we would go with as it is a high density insulation. It can also be used indoors, however it does exceptionally well for exterior projects, due to it’s outstanding moisture barrier properties.

Open cell spray foam insulation can also be used, it is lighter and expands more than closed cell. Homeowners go with open cell as it is less expensive. It is quicker to install and seals out air quite efficiently.