Basement Insulation in Toronto

Reliable Spray Foam Insulation for your Basements

Spray Foam Kings can create a basement environment that is free of the usual problems associated with this area of a home in Toronto Ontario, and we can create a comfort level that will be ideal in every season. Our spray foam insulation service will be provided by experts using the high-tech basement insulation products that are considered by home improvement experts to be the best in today’s market.

Our spray foam insulation will save heating and cooling costs which means that you will realize an energy savings as well as increased level of comfort. This means that you can make more use of this space. You can create a home office or an extra bedroom while experiencing as much comfort as you do in other parts of your home.

basement insulation in etobicoke residentialOur Foam gets into every open space and acts as an air sealant. The result is the elimination of cold air entering the area and the prevention of warm air from escaping. We offer renovation services that includes special framing techniques, and this will make spray foam an ideal insulation material. Our retrofitting service will prevent mold and other problems such as foundation leaks. Many poor building practices can be fixed by our services which will, among other features, keep moisture from entering your home. Eliminating moisture will result in eliminating mold and mold growth. Eliminating damp air will reduce the danger of respiratory problems, and allergy sufferers will find that spray foam insulation eliminates many indoor air quality problems. Another feature  is it will keep pesky critters and insects from entering because there will not be any opening available. This is the tightest seal possible.

Spray foam basement insulation does not require any adhesives, brackets or other attaching mechanisms. It adheres tightly to the wall which creates the most complete moisture barrier.

Our company can also use insulation panels with framing techniques to achieve a better environment. These panels we install use the best type of material to provide the maximum comfort level and energy savings. We can provide ceiling insulation with panels or with spray foam.

Our experts can visit your home and offer advice on the best solutions for any area of your home. By reviewing the construction and the openings that will let in air and insects, we can offer a solution for greatly improving your inside environment. Many aspects of the living area comfort level are influenced by the environment in the lowest level of the home.

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With our professional techniques, you can add value to your home by creating additional living space in the lower level. Ordinarily, this space would not be usable, but with our renovation and  services, you will have a new and large area of living space. This will space will not only be useful to you, but it will attract future buyers who recognize the value of this useful space for expanding family life and even for providing an area for family members to pursue hobbies without worrying about leaving some clutter out in the open.


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